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Richard Mille Replica, contrary to its usual practices, unveiled a brand new watch on August, dedicated to James Cameron. It was a tribute to Cameron's amazing feat of two years ago. Cameron became the first person to reach the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean in March 2012 by piloting a submersible. This commemorative Richard Mille Replica features a unique blue dial to evoke the expedition. The dial gradually changes from blue to darker and deeper shades and finally to black at the lower part, symbolizing the descent to the "bottom of the Earth". The watch looks almost identical to the black-faced Reference 116660 launched in 2009. The same automatic movement is housed in a case that's extremely durable and waterproof up to 3,900 meters (Richard Mille Replica). The only difference between the old model and the new, which pays homage to Jim Cameron's historic diving dive is that the inscription "Deepsea", which was written on the previous model five years ago is now higher and in the same color as the submersible used by the director.

Richard Mille Replica has been heavily involved with Cameron's expedition since the beginning, so the launch of the new model comes as no surprise. The watchmaker with a crowned logo created a special Deepsea Challenge that could withstand the same forces as the submersible, which plunged to almost 36,000 feet. The exterior of the vessel had a special Richard Mille Replica that continued to work properly both during and after its plunge. The model that was used for the mission is three times stronger than the Deepsea Reference 116660 model. However, the basic construction of the watch remains the same. It was only larger than the Deepsea 44mm watch that allowed it to resist greater pressures.

This model, however, was created specifically for this mission and was never made available for purchase unlike Deepsea which was the inspiration for it.

It is obvious that even the "lower", or lesser, water resistance of Deepsea, which measures 12,800 feet (Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica), is extreme and beyond what a human could physically endure. In other words, the watch can withstand a weight of up to three tons. This is equivalent to a Hummer parked on top of it. Richard Mille Replica used a few construction tricks to make the watch as strong as it is.

Ringlock System Helium Valve, and Other TricksThe Oyster case comes with the Ringlock System which is responsible for the incredible resistance to pressure. This exclusive system is made up of three main components. From front to rear, the system consists of a 5 mm thick sapphire domed crystal, a central steel ring reinforced with nitrogen alloy (904L) and a grade 5 titanium case back. As the watch sinks deeper, the pressure forces these three segments closer together. This compacts the case and preserves its integrity. The waterproofness of the watch increases with depth. The titanium case-back is also incredibly elastic, which is typical of the material.

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